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BC's Code - iOS / OS X Apps


BSC Splotch Editor

Put text, images, and movies ANYWHERE you can double click.

BSC Cool Math

Shortcuts and Core Concepts

BSC Calculus Grapher

Graphs explicit functions in 2 variables AND the function's derivative and integral.

BSC Wordtionary

A simple word guessing game

BSC Number Dictionary

Displays properties of numbers including divisibility, perfect squares, etc

BSC Problem Generator

30+ kinds of arithmetic problems randomized for you to solve


BSC Splotch Editor

Put text, images, and movies ANYWHERE you can double click.

BSC Cool Math

Can you find the mean of: 83, 90, 79, 82, 84, 88, 86, 83, 88, 81 in your head?!? If you can add and subtract integers from -15 to 15, then this program teaches you a trick to figure it out! Great for SATs, GREs, and students of Algebra through Calculus.

There were 5 topics in version 1.0. There are 17 topics in version 1.01. I expect to add 5-10 more each month, but the app is well worth the 99 cents already! The topics are listed below:

Algebra Shortcuts And "Proofs"

Chapter 1: Axioms

Chapter 2: Addition and Subtraction Tricks

Chapter 3: Chicken And Rabbit Problems

Chapter 4: Averages

Chapter 5: Weighted Averages

Calculus Shortcuts for Calc AB (single variable)

NOTE!! Calculus tricks are MUCH more difficult to prove and use.

Chapter 6: Area Lesson 1

Chapter 7: Area Lesson 2

Chapter 8: Volumes

Chapter 9: Incomplete.

Chapter 10: Six Integrals You MUST Know


What are the tricks to find out if four digit numbers are divisible by say 8?

Chapter 11: Divisibility by 5 and 10 and 100 and 1000

Chapter 12: Divisibility of 3 and 9

Chapter 13: Divisibility of 2, 4, and 8

Chapter 14: Divisibility of 6 and 15

Random Stuff: Non-Curriculum

Example: You have a binary 1010010101010111101010101010 what is the same number in base 8?

Chapter 16: Change bases quickly (certain bases)

Chapter 17: Parity of Polynomials

Very Short Proofs In Algebra

Chapter 21: 3 and 9 Divisibility Rule

Chapter 22: Infinite Geometric Series Formula

Chapter 23: The Product of Two Negative Numbers Is Positive

Chapter 24: Generating A Factorable Cubic or Quadratic

Chapter 25: Graphing Lines and Parabolas

More Algebra I and II "Proofs" and Demonstrations

Chapter 26: "Proof" Of Some Exponent Rules

Chapter 27: "Proof" That 3^(-2) = 1/9 (Why Negative Exponents Create Fractions)

Chapter 28: "Proof" That 3^(1/2) = Square Root Of 3

Chapter 30: Advanced Log And Exponent Problems

BSC Calculus Grapher

This application graphs numerical (NOTE: numerical) integrals and derivatives of user-defined functions. Inputted functions may include polynomials, sin, cos, tangent, square root, and combinations of these. Left and right Riemann Sums may also be displayed and are part of the programming.

BSC Wordtionary

Guess the right word! 10 points for getting it right after the first set of hints and less points for using more hints.

For Example:

Find a word that deals with "FOOD" and rhymes with "bandana."
Extra clue #1: it starts with a 'b."

Extra clue #2: it has 6 letters.
Extra clue #3: The word is "banana" and you must type it in to continue.

BSC Number Dictionary

Find out if 36 is a triangular number!  Find out of 81 is a power of 3!

BSC Problem Generator

Work your way up from counting to multiplying 4 numbers and more.  Straight up arithmetic practice.  Calculate till ya drop!